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History Of The Maine Anjou

Maine Anjou like any other breed has gone through some changes since their arrival in Canada in 1970.   The original bloodlines from France are known today as fullbloods and are traditionally red and white in color.   The size of the mature animals has been moderated to suit purebred and commercial breeders alike with mature bulls weighing approximately 2000 - 2500 lbs. and females 1400 -1600 lbs.

Maines today have evolved to include solid black, black and white, solid red, and the traditional red and white color.  Commercial trends have gone towards the solid color cattle however; the fullblood cattle were and are a very important part of the Maine Anjou breed in the past and the future.

Maine Anjou breeders have refined the breed to allow for calving ease but not to sacrifice performance.   More and more Maine Anjou bulls are being used each year in a variety of herds, both on cows and heifers.   Maternal traits such as mothering and heavy milking go as far back as the origins in France where Maines were a dual purpose breed; cows were used for milk production and bull calves were fed for market.  With a history with genetics like that it is no wonder why Maines are labeled with such terms as “performance second to none”, and “crossbreeding specialist”.  There is no question that Maine-Anjou adds value to any herd and have secured a place in the commercial industry in the New Millenium.

History Of Our Maine Anjou Herd

Josie and her first Maine Anjou, Misty

Josie purchased her first Maine Anjou at age 9 (1980) from Stewarts in Manitoba.  This was at the annual Ag-Ex Days in the Fall.  “Misty” was the start of a very successful cattle herd and 4-H career.   Josie had the honour of being Maine Anjou Queen for several years.  When Ken and Josie got married, the Maines from her herd in Manitoba headed west to Alberta.

We have been influenced by a great Maine breeder who helped us get started in having a larger Maine herd.   River Ridge Ranch (Lawrence Spees) breeding is in a lot of our foundation herd.  Also helping us has been the use of many powerful AI sires - Cigar, Triple XXX, Power Plus, Executive, Strictly Business, Direct Deposit, Caesar.  These have made our herd a diverse group of functional, powerful females.

We annually sell 30 bulls - usually by private treaty.  Our females are available by private treaty and at our production sale in December.

Our show strings have been a great source of pride, time and achievement.